Dating4boomers com

23-Dec-2017 13:58

Here's where you can meet singles in Delta, British Columbia.

As a boomer (47 years old) who suddenly found himself single again, I was so out of touch (and terrified) about dating. D., has practiced and taught as a clinical psychologist for 13 years.She has motivated many boomer-aged singles to engage in the dating process, and has received many wedding invitations as a result.It contains many stories of folks in situations similar to mine, helpful hints, and generally gave me perspective on the issue at large!

Well written and insightful, I give it a BIG BOOMER THUMBS UP! Helgoe's book from Amazon in December and could hardly wait for it to be released.

A must for the novice dater, as well as the "old pros" like me!! I was thrilled to stumble across a book that geared dating advice specifically toward this middle-aged guy newly on the dating scene.

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