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At this time of crustal thickening, the partition of the deformation controled the final evolution of the belt with important escape tectonics, responsible for nucleating crustal-scale transcurrent shear zones.

These structures were deep and promoted the rise of mafic magmas, which, associated with high regional thermal gradient, lead to an important event of crustal reworking, responsible for the formation of the Pelotas Batholith.

No terceiro evento ocorreu fechamento do oceano Adamastor em decorrência da colisão entre os crátons Rio de La Plata e Kalahari entre 650 - 620 Ma, envolvendo condições metamórficas de alta temperatura e pressão intermediária.

Neste momento de grande espessamento crustal, a partição da deformação no cinturão controla a sua evolução final com a passagem para uma tectônica de escape, responsável pela nucleação de zonas de cisalhamento transcorrentes de escala crustal. Time frame of 753-680 Ma juvenile accretion during the São Gabriel orogeny, southern Brazil.

A integração de dados de mapeamento geológico e estrutural com resultados isotópicos permitu estabelecer uma melhor compreensão sobre as fontes de magmatismo e os processos de sedimentação.

A evolução do Cinturão Dom Feliciano envolveu a superposição de três eventos orogênicos denominados Passinho (0.89 - 0.86 Ga), São Gabriel (0.77 - 0.68 Ga) e Dom Feliciano (0.65 - 0.54 Ga).

This paper presents a review of the geochronological results combined with stratigraphic, structural and geochemical data.

This was followed by the closure of the Adamastor Ocean and the collision between the Nico Perez Microplate/Rio de La Plata Craton and the Kalahari Craton at the end of the Neoproterozoic. To assess the sources of magmas we used Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd and some Lu-Hf and δO data.

The interpretation of geochronological and isotopic data was then combined with a review of field geological data produced by various regional geological mapping projects.

Brasiliano-Pan-African Belts: B = Brasilia belt, DF = Dom Feliciano belt, G = Gariep belt, R = Ribeira belt, K = Kaoko belt, SG = São Gabriel Terrane. Protolith age of Santa Maria Chico granulites dated on zircons from an associated amphibolite-facies granodiorite in southernmost Brazil.

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Modified from The Dom Feliciano Belt (DFB) formed during a long-lived evolution of ca.

ABSTRACT: The Dom Feliciano Belt is an important Neoproterozoic to Cambrian orogenic complex, extending from eastern Uruguay to southern Brazil.

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