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history dating back to 1773-87

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A History of Sonning Sonning village in Berkshire is situated next to the River Thames three miles north-east of Reading.Its famous lock, built in the 18th Century, is 40.5 miles from Oxford and 72 miles from London Bridge via river.Richard, meanwhile, was murdered at Pontefract Castle and local legend has it that the exiled Queen’s melancholy ghost still languishes along quieter reaches of the Thames.In 1574, Sonning’s episcopal connexions were finally severed when Queen Elizabeth exchanged two of her Wiltshire manors for Bishop Edmund Gheast’s Holme Park estate.Sonning’s manor remained a Crown property until 1628 when Charles I’s indebtedness persuaded him to sell the Holme Park estate to two London merchants, Abraham Chamberlain and Lawrence Halstead.The ensuing civil war (1642-1648) was largely peripheral to Sonning with major military engagements taking place elsewhere around Reading and Oxford.

By the end of the 16th century much of the old palace had fallen into disrepair and neglect leaving its stonework literally to be ‘quarried’ and taken away by local inhabitants.

Nevertheless, generous supplies of flour from Sonning Mill continued to reach the King’s army during the siege of Reading and Sir Thomas Rich as ‘lord of the manor’ secretly provided a ‘safe house’ for persecuted Anglican clergy during the interregnum.

Rich was rewarded with a baronetcy by Charles II for his services to the Crown in 1661.

Sonning, meanwhile, became the seat of sizeable ‘hall’ or ‘palace’ built upon a steep incline on the bishops’ Holme Park estate and well above the flood plain.

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