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The pine/herbal opening is incredibly fresh with a greenness that has real character and depth.After about 30 minutes or so, and slightly before the dry-down, vetiver starts to make its presence known, blended with leather and patchouli.It's at this point which, although Polo has no floral ingredients as such, I nonetheless get a subtle but very definite set of musky/floral impressions.Willing to accept that could just be my imagination but, to my nose at any rate, it makes Polo something of an enigma.Polo is here for fans of beautiful, eternal things.Its name awakens association with a closed circle of the chosen and this circle has its rules and traditions.It can be overpowering if applied to heavily, but used in moderation it’s simply a great all-purpose fragrance. Stop by Sephora (it's a mainstay there) and spritz some on your pressure points. These particular humans are commonly referred to as baby boomers and generation x.I think every man should own a bottle of this and Aramis. Coudn't do it as a kid smelling this and can't do it now. The baby boomers were the largest generation on the planet earth.

I'm apprehensive about bashing this one (but I will- it's forthcoming) because it's such a well loved classic. It comes from a different era when fragrances were bolder and you got more bang for your buck. Now, I'm willing to endure a bit, just a bit, of a stinky opening for a good middle and closing act. Combine baby boomers with gen x making these two groups the majority, the majority say this is a young man scent.For me, it’s difficult to separate the emotional connection and memories associated with this scent from the actual fragrance. On the plus side, sillage and longevity are awesome, even the reformulated version. Reminds me of YSL Pour homme as they both have a similar masculine dirty note. (Another thing: To me, this is a perfume that smells consistently the same even hours after you first sprayed it. من با عطر نامبر وان از هوگوباس مقایسه می کردم ولی گه گاه یه بوهای ازش استشمام می کردم که ذوق زده می شم که به نظرم مال وتیورش باشه.

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