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By middle age, a man may be known as a ndottijo (elder, old man) who has acquired wisdom over the years.

All Fulani have an elaborate code for interacting among themselves and with other people.

Although they have similarities in grammar and vocabulary, communication among Fulani from different regions is difficult. An example of a saying in Fulfulde is Tid'd'o yod'ad'd'o (Work hard and succeed).

An example of a Fulani proverb is: Hab'b'ere buri ginawol (Actions should be judged according to intention).

All Fulani tell animal tales, recounting the adventures of squirrels, snakes, hyenas, and rabbits, some of which are extremely clever.

As Muslims, the Fulani observe the standard Islamic religious practices.

Islam, which also requires modesty and reserve, has tended to reinforce this code.

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Today, one finds both nomadic, pastoral Fulani (mbororo'en) and settled Fulani (Fulbe wuro).Many Fulani trace their beginnings back one thousand years to the Senegambia area.